Published writing & media appearances


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*Translated into Estonian in Vikerkaar, June 2020.

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*This book was selected as part of the Three Books program for all incoming undergraduates at Stanford University in 2019. [link]*

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“Towards A Pro-Poor ‘Agenda for Change’: Opportunities and Experiences of Slum Policy and Practice in Freetown, Sierra Leone”. Y-Care International. London. 1-36.
* Includes a foreword by Bowenson F. Philips, Chief Administrator of Freetown City Council

Media interviews

Radio interview on PowerFM (Johannesburg, South Africa) [link]

Quoted in Logan, Tim. “Neighborhood group, developers close to agreement on 15-acre Union Square project.” The Boston Globe. [link]

Quoted in Scanlon, Jessie. “Success is killing San Francisco. Is Boston next?” The Boston Globe [link]

Radio interview on Radio Open Source (WBUR-Boston) [link]

Podcast interview on Aufhebunga Bunga: The Global Politics Podcast at the End of the End of History (UK/Brazil) [link]

TV interview on CGTN America (CCTV — China) [link]

Radio interview on PowerFM (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Radio interview on CapeTalk/Radio702 (Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa) [link]

Quoted in Adler, David. “Story of Cities #19: Johannesburg’s apartheid purge of vibrant Sophiatown”. The Guardian (UK) [link]